Sunday, July 18, 2010

Horse show 2010

Sooo... My last yeah of 4-H has come and gone.. But I have some PRETTY AWESOME MEMORIES! (And ribbons)

Friday, July 9, 2010

These summer days

This is a time of change, a time of learning, experience, love, fun, and probably more... Everything is just spinning by in a whirl, and I can't keep up! Garsh.

Well, county horse show in one week. Hannah is going to sew french cuffs, and a collar on my show shirt. So I am at Katrinas just about everyday learning to ride english. (Jumping too!). So if anyone actually reads this blog.... Stop by! :) It should be... Interesting.

Katrina and I went to the horse rescue this past week, and were shocked.. This guy had too many horses on too small of a "Pasture". More like a mud pit. As you can see, this horse is covered in crazy mud. Actually it wasn't even mud. It was manure. Sooo, Katrina took two out of the 18 head they received. This one is called "Blue" (We are going to change the name) She is a two year old blue roan. We groomed her good, and trimmed her up, and you wouldn't recognize her! I will post pictures tomorrow.

This is Georiga. She is a 5 year old foundation bred QH. A few years ago she was a gorgeous halter mare. She is now underweight, has rain rot, the sole of one of her front hooves is gone, and as you can see from this last picture, is beat up by her previous herd members. She is still not doing too good, but will post pictures of her healing process.


Indiana, known for it's bipolar weather, should also be known for its insane heat! Okay, It probably isin't as bad as some states west. But still, good grief! I have been working like crazy outside, and haven't been feeling too hot (pun not intended).

So this next week, I am going to be working three horses everyday, VBS in the evenings, and random stuff during the afternoon. 4-H honor interview on Monday too! Ahhh I am sorta (Really) nervous about that. I am even supposed to dress in something worthy of "a job interview". AHHH HELP! So yes, busy, busy. So I will keep posting pictures of our little projects! Will write later. TTFN

P.S. The title of this blog sounds like a sappy soap opera!

Sunday, July 4, 2010