I LOVE Jesus

Some of my best friends are horses ;)

Chocolate totally fixes everything

My fashion statement includes a combo of Converse and Carhartts

The Bible actually is my favorite book

I’m a homeschooler who usually finds out about fads after the fact…

I LOVE to paint my toenails!

Running is one of my favorite things

Love all sports, but can only attempt to play a small handful of them

Music is my way of expressing myself

Barefoot is better

Did I mention I love Jesus?

Fall is the best!

My ipod is always an arm’s reach away

Totally single, and totally okay with it

Blue trucks are boss!

Lived in the city, didn’t like it, moved to the country, and totally LOVE it 

I am a compulsive list maker... Hence.. the list :)

I don’t handle jerks very well…

Yes, I have worn a dress before.. no I wasn’t entirely thrilled about it, but I survived ;)

Yeah, I’m bold when it comes to certain things…

I have been refered to as "Intimidating" from a full grown man (Not sure what that's supposed to mean)

I work hard

I can't think of anything else... So TTFN