Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No such luck

Oh. My. Gosh. Eleanor is soooo smart! We worked on basically everything (Picking up feet, swinging rope all over the place, lowering head, leading, giving into pressure.). And she was amazing! And so calm! When stuff ever does spook her, she doesn't do much of anything. I hope she stays like that. That'd be amazing!

So Monday, I got to ride one of Jo's Icelandics. It was really cool! Very different. And she only ride's english, so I'll get plenty of practice!

Wow, for some reason I'm really not in the writing mood. Hmm... Well, that might have something to do with the fact that I'm watching Heroe's while on the internet :) I guess I will say that tonight is the first night of horse sitting Jo's ponies! I'm gonna try to remember to take the camera. Oh well, TTYL!

Monday, October 25, 2010

My weekend

 This weekend, dad went to a beekeeping conference. And won Beekeeper of the Year for 2010! Woot!
 So we've been working on our camper. (Mom gave us her first camper cause it's a pain) So these paint samples are the theme we're going for. Mainly, random.
We were pretty bored just cutting out pictures. So we started playing Imagine If :)

So this week will consist of working, working with horses. And really, that's all for now!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


So yesterday... This awesomely, fantabulistic, amazingly cool, PINK newspaper was by our mailbox :) I mean, no, i'm not pink obsessed or anything. But this ROCKS! 

This ^^^ is sad :( I accidentally left it in my truck, in the sun, while I was in the library. In case it is un recognizable.. It's a kit-kat . Well, it was.

So this morning I went to Katrinas and worked with little miss thaanng. (Eleanor). We got her leading around the pen. Then we took her away from her little love herd, into the round pen. There we started to teach her to ground drive! We started with me leading her like normal, with katrina behind her wiggling the whip so she would get used to sounds and such. Then gradually I moved back to her shoulder, then to her hip, until we were baiscally lunging her at a walk, from her hip! Now, for a horse that has hardly been handled.. This was a huge deal!

Next we worked on.. standing on one side, swinging the rope over her neck and have it so it would loop around her hocks, then step back so she would have to swing around and face me. 

Then Katrina worked with her feet. Eleanor has issues balancing on three feet. So when you go to pick one up. She just puts all her 500 pounds into that one foot.
Well, that was quite a bit!

Also, we worked with Georgia some more. I got to ground drive her again, which was much easier now that I kinda have some sort of idea what I should be doing! Then after some other stuff, Katrina threw me up on her bareback and she led me around. Then Gave me the two lead ropes so I could steer, and she walked beside us. Basically we went from ground driving to riding. Which worked really well.. Surprisingly!

Well, now that I filled this post with nothing a normal person would be interested in.. I'm off! TTFN!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


No. It's not JUST gibberish. It is actually some twisted around acronym for National Blog Posting Month. Now, it's not a special month or anything, and it doesn't have a ribbon. But you can go on the website @ . Booya little miss NaNoWriMo! :) This is totally more my speed. So I guess we'll see what happens come this November!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"If you were normal, there wouldn't be a day named after you." -Veggie Tales

Went over to Katrina's this morning and helped feed. Then helped work with Georiga. Georiga is the sorrel horse she rescued a couple of months ago. See the post Here. She did great. We ground drove her, and she has an amazing jog. She's going to make a great lesson horse. Also her coat is amazing! All her nasty scabby patches are gone. I'll take a picture of her next time I'm over there.
After that, I worked with Eleanor. She did okay.. I was working on leading. This was kinda tough, she was just testing me. You know, the whole "But I can't leave mooommm!" well, she really didn't give a rip about mom. She just wanted to be a snot. So after about 15 minutes of me trying to get her to walk forward, Katrina came over and just held a whip about 15 feet behind her, basically re-enforcing my cues. So I am online looking up some training exercises, just so I can go down the list and pick something I think she is ready for. But maaan, I have a loooong way to go. So I'll try to keep this updated about how she's doing! 
I'm going to try to take Big Boy to the park this week, but I'm going to have to get the trailer up and running in the meantime. But, I should probably get off of here and get something done! So will post later.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Job! And random news

 This is the barn where I work :) No horses here yet, but in a few days... I'll be in horsey heaven!
 My sweet ride. It needs a name.. As of now it's called "The mule".. Soo un-original.
Multiply this by like, three. And this is all the stupid walnuts I had to pick up :) lol  Overall, I am truly blessed to have this awesome job. Today the Zupancic's brought 500 some bales of hay, I helped stack wood, shovel ancient manure, and put like 12 stall mats out. Right up my alley.

So I am pretty excited (As usual right?) Katrina informed me that we are going to the ARHA (American Ranch Horse Association) World show next July! And show too! It's going to be in Ohio somewhere, so not all that far away. We get to spend the whole week riding, showing, and watching! And all sorts of other fun stuff like, we get to decorate the stall fronts, I get to take Izzy (Name may be changed to Eleanor), Oh my goodness I am just so excited.

Also I just realised that the saddle that Big Boy came with (That I had forgot about) will work for Ranch Horse! So I will clean it tomorrow and see how it looks.

And I know, the horse fair is 6 months away.. But I am already making lists! There is quite a few things I need.. Well, Want.
 Roper style breast collar
 New headstall
 Slobber straps! (And reins)
 Pink Saddle blanket for Eleanor!
 Pink halter
 Black rope halter for showmanship
  • Black felt hat-For showmanship
  • New pair of boots
  • New girth
  • Maybe a new plaid shirt?
  • And other stuff I'm sure
Yeah, I'm on a mission...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

One good looking little horse... and she's mine! :)

This is "Izzy" (At least for now). She's a 1 1/2 year old Quarter Horse.  Her mom is this major Halter horse champ. So this will be fun! 

Did I mention she was free? ;)