Friday, February 12, 2010

Hippology funness :)

Funness is a word.

Tomorrow at 1:30pm is the Area 4-H Hippology/Horse bowl contest! woohoo! Hannah has been testing me for the past two days, so.. I should do fabulous! I will make sure and take some pictures.

Did I mention how much fun it is? Because it really isn't all that fun... FYI

Another announcement... I have a total of TWO... repeat TWO subscribers now.. Yay Fifi!!

So on a subject I can write a bit more about... Today we are going to go up to the shop for another day full of studying, reading, jumping around acting crazy, and possibly shopping! But yet, excitement is not really the word I would use, because it is a grand total of 3 degrees outside... THREE DEGREES.humph. So
I would thrill you all (2) with some more scholarly writing... BUT Time to take care of the horses! So adios!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Recording artist

I am very excited! Not as much because of the news, but because I have news in general!!! Well, it is still very exciting. This past Thursday, Hannah had her first recording session. Supposedly I am going to have my harmony "added in". Supposedly.

Not only that, but she even wrote the song! Very exciting indeed. Meanwhile. We had our first group meeting at Dave's house. Only one person showed, Josh. But it was amazing how much fun we had! Josh is like our long lost brother. Even though it is Monday, he was just texting me! A new "Brotha" has been adopted.

Also in the midst of all this excitment, Jessica spent the weekend with us! Like icing on the cake! We had tons of fun. Acting like ninjas, planning our lives, hanging out, watching movies, playing kemps, texting even though we were sitting right next to eachother. The fun never ends! So this has been a fabulous weekend, and I am voting for this whole week to be the same!

I can already tell, I am going to be one of those annoying moms who carry a camera and is constantly taking pictures... like millions!

On a even funnier note... this is our version of Noahs ark. :D we were pretty bored at the time. Good times, good times.