Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The worst thing ever! (But the most fun...)

So today, was... Interesting.

I rode Big Boy up around the trail, lots of cantering which was fun :D Oh wait... YESTERDAY... Yesterday He wouldn't stand still, so I just made him keep going. And going. For TWO HOURS... I was really feeling it then :( Also today, I am doing laundry. I for one, never want to hear another person complain about doing laundry. EVER. I have had to do 7 loads. SEVEN LOADS! Mom is cleaning out her closet, getting rid of stuff that doesn't fit. So it is my job to tromp up and down the stairs carrying baskets, and loads.

But since my last post, life has been the same. Saturday is the parade, which I am sort of freaking out about because I don't want Big Boy to act up, and I REALLY don't want to wear the NARSTY shirts. Blegh.

And right now, I would like to apologise, I am really not feeling the authoress in me :/

WELL... Hmmm... The Bread of Life Dudes are coming down again! For a camping trip this time though! (They came last December for a service project at our house) So This time will not involve cleaning muck out of stalls, and chopping wood. But Ultimate frisbee, Fishing, Clay fights in the creek, Spy night (Hide and Seek in the dark), Night hike, possible Snipe hunt :DDD, and of course, the ever popular CAMPFIRE!!! I really cannot wait, it is really nice to have friends to goof off with. I honestly don't know how I am going to wait THREE WEEKS!!!!!!!!

Friday, mom and her friend Pat are leaving for a Sisters on the Fly Camper Rally, in Someplace IL. (No, "Someplace" is not a real city) Friday through Sunday, we get to tough it out by ourselves. Well, mainly by cleaning tack and horse before the Spring Blossom Parade on Saturday.

So tomorrow (In case I don't get around to a post)

I have to:

-Hannah and I are going to walk down the back trail and trim the branches, and such so I can enjoy my wild trail rides with my face intact.

-Ride the boy, and prepare for PARADE!

-MY OWN laundry :D

-Call the Lovin's to let them know I will need to wear the lovely shirts afterall.

-Go to the library and take The Lion King back (Flippn $5 fine!)

That should do it :D Somewhere in there make and EAT food :D

Well, I suppose that can be the end of the post. BUT I forgot to explain the title! I was really bad today and rode Big bareback, barefoot, (With a bridle though!), and cantered down the trail. Having the time of my LIFE! It was so much fun! But then I remembered how I need to start riding bareback more often :/

Friday, April 23, 2010


So in the midst of well, everything. I have found yet another band I REALLY like. And it is the band Skillet. Yes, named after a frying pan.

Not only for it's Rock/Christian Genre, but it has a girl drummer! Yes, the blond chick is a drummer. So stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW, go to youtube and look up Skillet. 'Hero', 'Monster', or even 'The older I get'.

Talk about a different kind of group they can reach! A HUGE group. They can reach people that say Casting Crowns, or other less rocky, hard core groups can't reach. I am in awe! I just love it! A refreshing change from the sound alike singers we have today. You can totally tell what kind of place I am in in life... I mean this is the kind of music I am loving!

-Skillet :D
-Hawk Nelson
-Toby Mac
-Third Day
-Jeremy Camp
-Stellar Kart

Yeah, see what I mean. If you have time, look some of these up.

Music is the greatest ministry for me. I really relate to it. I mean, I don't really write all that well, I don't talk to people about my problems, but I sure can crank up my ipod and jump around like a crazy person to get my anger out. Or even just show how I feel. Sometimes if I don't even KNOW how I feel, I listen to my ipod and if a certain song really strikes me, it helps me understand myself. Wow. If I can't even understand myself, how can other people?!

I really think the youth of today is moving in an intense direction. No more straddling the fence, they have picked they're side, and they are going full force. All I can say, is it's about time. And to 'Count me in' as the band Leeland would say.

Another thing before I wrap this up... About the lead singer wearing eyeliner, or the lead singer from Fireflight having crazy color hair, or the Hawk Nelson dudes having Mohawks, Who cares? It is self expression. On those days when I feel strangely intense, I totally reach for the black eyeliner! Honestly, I hate it when people frown at a CD cover because the people in it look different, or express different. I really think it is a artist/musician thing. Writers express themselves in their books, whereas architects with their creations. Same with God! He expressed his power, beauty, and love through the creation of the world. (And surrounding)So if the dude wants to wear more eyeliner than the girls in the band. Go for it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oooooh the funness :D

This morning I woke up feeling very uh... hungry! So I cooked some beastly breakfast.

Yeah, that potatoes, onions, salt and pepper. Yummy goodness :D I felt so hungry in fact, that I even put green beans and new potatoes in the crock pot too! (Why all the potatoes?!) Guess my Irish self is coming out.

So today I rode Big boy, and he did really good, I also had a picture session/photo editing. And they turned out really good! So here ya go:

If I only had a brain

Mummy dearest sent us on a mushroom hunting excursion on our property... Yeah a few photos to comentate..

They are supposed to be hidden around these little snots. But the fun part is when you come across:

Yeah, so obviously we didn't find any, because I personally had no idea what we were even looking for! Apparently they look like brains...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Days of change

Growing up is a curious thing. Sometimes you don't realize how much you have changed, until you compare...

Some of the pictures were too horrifying to post.. ugh...

Crazy cool :D

So nothing... bad... has happened in quite awhile! (Unless you count the fact that I have to press the 'c' key harder than any other due to it being outa wack or something...) So I will even make a list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Big Boy was a BEAST at 4-H on Thursday. I mean AWESOMELY good. We did our demo, and even if I didn't make much sense, he did AMAZING! It felt so good because I trained him! I mean, he changed gaits with the slightest cue. Picked up the right leads. Didn't neigh, buck, or rear. I mean just crazy cool!

2: I'm getting a tan =)

3: We went to Target, and got a pair of capris!

4: Jesus loves me :D

Well, actually... That's it :D BUT enough to make me feel very happy :D

So this next week will go back to the normal, eat, ride horse, eat, sleep, etc... BUT with Shooting sports mtg on Monday, H&P on Tuesday, and Dog's on Wednesday! So yeah, I will still be busy which is nice, because I would totally get bored.

Okay. That's all :DDD

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Big. Green. Ball.

Hello deweds :D

Today has been busy as usual. (Summer is ALWAYS like this)So, if anything, I will be totally fit by the end of all this.

I went over to Katrina's this morning (My trainer), I helped clean stalls, which is actually a good thing because it is stall cleaning in exchange for lessons. She was telling me how she is going to a class next week for equine massage and dog massage therapy. So when she goes to ARHA World show, she can be certified and make money at the show! (Seems like a good deal to me!)

Oprah has a very mysterious uh... illness? Abrasion? We don't know. But it looked like when a horse licks itself, and leaves a wet mark, only there was this not puss, but this amber colored sticky liquid coming out of it. it was on the neck, right in front of the withers. WEIRD. Will have to investigate more :D

Well, lets go back to some good news. Today is the first 4-H outdoor meeting. I gave Big Boy a bath and swore to myself that I will never get another paint horse again! The white is a pain in the butt. But he was super good while I was washing him. He just stood there while I was scrubbing his tail and back legs, I just hung the lead over his back, and he didn't move! This sort of thing makes me feel really proud :D When you train a horse from the begining, it really makes your day when he proves that you did a good job.

So anyway, He got a bath (Whereas I look like I just rolled in the muck pile or something) I washed the trailer up some, and clean up the tack a little bit. Tonight I am supposed to do a "Demonstration" of the circling game, Parelli style. Which is really exciting, except I am starting to get nervous, which stinks because he always picks up on that. urg. CALM DOWN SARAH. I worked with him earlier trying to think what I should say... didn't work. We'll just see what happens I guess...

I told Shiela about my "Big Green Parelli Ball" and she was excited about that. So I just hope someone remembers to bring a pump to blow it up with!

Well I think that is it, I was trying to figure out something else to write, so I can keep busy, and stop being nervous! Totally nothing though.

Adios :D


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Will you be my groom?"


Yesterday was pretty amazing. Well, rather minor comparing some of the stuff that has been happening lately. BUT Katrina loaned me an English saddle to clean, and practice in, also the girth, saddle pad, and a filthy bridle that will be taking up a lot of my time cleaning.

So yesterday I tacked Big Boy up, and he looked darling! I will take a picture when I go down again this afternoon. He looked very cute, and seemed to actually like it. It probably isin't as restricting as a Western saddle. So I trotted him around practing posting, and I rode him up to the house to show mom, and he didin't even neigh for his buddies. A budding English horse????

Yesterday, I took Phoebe to Dr. B's to get her shots for 4-H this year. It was terrible! I was soooo glad I wasn't her! He had to give her a shot in her nose, AND draw blood to test for something... It is a good thing I have a tough stomach. So next Wednesday is the first Dog mtg, so Phoebe is gonna whup them all!

Tomorrow is the first BOYH meeting (Bring your own horse) it is supposed to be groundwork which the Boy rocks at! Also, this weird perfect-horse act is still going on, and I haven't quite figured it out. But tomorrow he is going to get a bath, so I am sure his true feelings will come to show themselves :D

The farrier was here this morning, and said everybody looked good, and that Big Boy wouldn't need shoes if we start riding at BC state park. YAY! That takes like 80 bucks a trip, if he had needed them.

So today, I am off to clean Big boys stall (So when I give him a bath tomorrow, he wont go roll in the mud), find the ball for the hitch (SOMEONE LOST IT!!! grrrr) And ride the boy. AND all the other stuff mom has added to my list. So, I will probably write some more later.

Ooohhh, btw... The whole "Will you be my groom" thing, is a private joke, that I figured I would add. And I would TOTALLY explain it, but who knows who reads this blog.........

Monday, April 12, 2010

Big Boy Blog Post (Say that three times fast)

Well today I had this awesome ride with Big Boy. Like the kind that makes you pause and ask "Whats the matter with you?". Seriously, from the begining he was great! I drove my truck down to the field and carried my saddle in between the electric fence, and here he comes, neighing and doing his retarded floppy trot. I put on his bridle and saddle and he's fine.

So I started riding him around our 10 acre fenced in pasture, and he just sauntered around. Our German Shepherd was at the far end getting into some sort of trouble, and he didn't spook, run, or be just plain stupid.

I decided to totally take advantage of this, and took him out to the un-fenced hay field (About 15 acres). He walked through that field like he had been through it a hundred times before! Just plowing through, not trying to canter, not neighing in hopes of his friends reply. He was great!

This is really awesome because I hope to take him the the BC state park this summer, which will be a lot of fun if he behaves like he did today!

I decided to take Abby for a ride tonight when it is cooler. I know she's tough, but no point pressing out luck...

So now, if you're waiting for some super exciting news... Here it is!!!! Katrina recently bought and black, cutting horse, mare. Yeah, so I rode her last night, and again this morning. And it was soooo fun! We didn't do any like freakishly fast spins or anything, but she has this awesome slow trot and canter. She is starting to become a real sweetie. So my job now, is to learn how to use spurs :D

This year in 4-H I am showing Katrinas horse Shelby, born in 2003, she is a bay QH, who looks like she will excel in english. But she has also been bred for reining also. So I am TOTALLY ready to kick butt in 4-H.

So now all I need is some english boots... hmmm...

It's spring, i'm allowed to be random

So the 2010 Hoosier Horse Fair has passed. I have mixed feelings of accomplishment and disappointment... Kaliegh placed 5th in Versatility, which is the best placing a BC rider has EVER gotten.

Our Groom and Clean team Placed 3rd out of 12. The only disappointment is the outfits..

Yeah, see... pretty sad :/

If I had to give a review, I really don't think I would rate it very highly. There weren't many breeds on display, nothing too exotic. The only breed (Though not exotic, but cool) is the Fijord.

I realize that a lot of the reason for the lack of vendors, is because the equine affaire is the same weekend. But you would think that one of them could compromise and switch weekends. huh.

Along with all of the negatives above, I will add the fact the there weren't any KNOWN clinicians! Well I will grant that they had some pretty wicked awesome BBQ sandwiches :DDD

So overall, they better get their act together, or people are going to be heading over to OH...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hoosier Horse Fair

Yes, it is that time of year again. Horse people tend to look forward to this even more than Christmas, Yes. The Hoosier Horse Fair.

The best thing, and the most memorable, is the smell! A mix of roasted almonds, sawdust, leather, the pork booth, and the ever popular HORSE smell. Yes, i'm a freak. But it is the BEST!

This year, my friend Gabe and I are helping a fellow 4-Her with versatility, and then the next morning, competing in the groom and clean competition.

This year will be different from other years in the fact that...

A: I am driving myself

B: I have no money (Not really different but...)


Well, a post shall be written first thing Monday. Have a good one.