Friday, January 28, 2011

Florida 2011

Florida 2011
Florida 2011 by Sarah Partridge featuring glass shades

Leaving to see my bro and cousin in Florida in a couple weeks.. Needed something to keep me occupied :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh Fudge!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You would think this was a guy's post.

Car's. Poker. Food. *Burp*
Had a great weekend with our friends Jessica, and Heather.

While waiting for mom while she was in Hobby Lobby, we spotted this: Oh, how beautiful. We all got out and took pictures on our cell phones, and on our camera. Then promptly ran back to the truck just in case the owner came back out and saw us drooling over it. Might not be appreciated.

So this past week Hannah finished draft one of her novel. Quite exciting! I'm on page 49, and got stuck there because I was tired of reading. But I'm sure she's going to get on me about reading more today. Anyway, Jessica got a couple pages in. And then we decided to play poker or some other horrendous activity.

Oh yes, the typical teenage-girl-in-store picture. Yes, Heather (Right) ran over to the hat's and was like "We need a picture!" So of course, being the designated picture taker that I am.... She spotted the umbrella and started to open it, then she remembered it is bad luck to open an umbrella inside. Oh well, now we just have a random half hearted umbrella in the picture. Add's to the whimsy.

Oh, and we played poker. A lot. Well, Euchre, which really isn't poker. But card's nevertheless. We introduced mom and dad to the game KEMPS. Which was quite entertaining. Dad was crazy good! He and Jess's cue thing was eye contact. EYE CONTACT! That is totally not fair. I mean, you sorta get the idea someones trying to get their partner to see, but you're waiting on something a little more than eye contact. Anyway, Hannah and I beat them once, then they creamed us. Oh well.

I would also include pictures of the bowling, but as all bowling pictures.. They suck. They're all blurry, and makes us look like we have three sets of teeth and 4 eyes. Not very attractive. 

Adieu! (I hope that mean's "bye" in some language, not "spinach" or something)

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Oh, where to start... I would say I've been busy... But I haven't been. I've done nothing. Well, nothing productive in the worlds meaning of the word.

Well, work has been.. Non existent. I haven't been to work for almost a week, which is quite a long time for me, but with the snow and all... Whatareyagonnado?

Again, running has also been non existent. Somehow I screwed my knee up, over a week ago actually. So I've been sticking to some basic core work to try not to screw it up even further. Which really is too bad, I was just starting to get into a routine. Work out in the morning, run in the afternoon. I mean, Hannah's rehearsals at the High School were really working for me! She could spend her two hours practicing, and I would go run. But now.. I just sit in the truck a read.

Haven't been over to see Eleanor.. For over a month. Wow. I'm really failing here. I suppose I need to get back into the swing of things! I have though, been obsessing over my trip to Florida! I'm sooooo excited! I leave February 16th, and get back a week later on the 23rd. One whole week of hanging out with my brother and cousin. Waving to the beach as I drive by, riding horses, probably being forced into some embarrassing situations at my cousins Renaissance fair, and eating food unknown to humankind. Yep, I'm excited :)

So (in order) I'm pretty excited about:
  • Jessica is coming over this weekend!
  • Fllooorrriiddaaa :)
  • My birthday! (19?! Gasp!)
  • Equine Affaire in Ohio
  • More that I'm not going to divulge...
But really, January has been a pretty stinky month. I think we should just skip to February. Like, now.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nike+ Rocks

So I did it. It wasn't pretty, but I did it. I, Sarah Partridge, ran 2 miles today. Which, in case you didn't know, is the longest I have run in my whole life. And I'm feeling it! When I got to the track, I couldn't get the sensor to work, so after I got home and realised it was an operator problem and tapped the sensor until I got my whole 2 miles in. Like I was going to give that up! Mainly, I felt like I was going to pass out after lap 8... I had to sit in my car and just eat, and eat. My blood sugar must have gone waaay down. I didn't even trust myself to drive until I ate some more, then I promptly went to Mcdonalds and got a bacon egg and cheese bagel. Then I was fit, full, and happy :)

^This is a cool picture of the sensor thing that fits in the shoe in case you didn't understand what I was talking about^ It's been quite handy. So depending on how I feel tomorrow, I may go and run ONE mile...

After that wonderfully grueling workout, I went to work and picked the paddock. Then held horses for Jo, so she could rasp feet. Then put her Christmas tree away! Well, outside, it was a real tree, so she set it out by the bird feeders. Apparently they like them ;) Okay, well I'm off to do more work. So I'll write more later!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Gonna do it...

So, it's settled.. I'm going to run in the Komen Race for the Cure in April. And that gives me plenty of time to get fit and get fast! A few years ago, I mean it was quite awhile ago,we did the Race for the Cure. And it was fun! Of course, we just walked. I included a picture from back then, and I am sorry to say that yes, that is me on the far left... Ugh, thankfully I grew out of that! Wow, *cringe*

So anyhoo, I'm going for it! I bought some new Nikes a few days ago, and they're awesome! The new Nike+ 's are pretty handy too. It's really easy to sync my iPod, and have all of my work out information on the Nike website. I'm also signed up for a 12 week 5K plan. So I am sure I will be keeping my loyal readers up to date on that. Tomorrow is a 2 mile run (yikes!) that would be the longest I have run ever! My goal is to run one mile non stop, do one lap walking, then do the next mile. And more importantly, take my time. I don't have to speed, and then feel like I'm going to die. So right now, I'm contemplating signing up for multiple races, maybe once a month until it gets crazy hot.. Or wait and see if I enjoy the RTC. Hmmm...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Let's Do This.

Okay, I'm sorry. I know.. It's been what? Three weeks since my last post? Oh well.. It's 2011, and personally, I am planning on it being the best year of my life so far. So for one, I have chosen my one word to represent 2011! Heart. That's my word. Now there are many different ways that could go. My heart for something, God cleaning up my heart, Gods heart for me.. Who knows, but we'll find out!

I have tried to stay away from resolutions... I have decided to pursue goals instead! Here's a brief list of stuff I can think of off the top of my head.

1. Run a 5K.
2. Learn to rope off a horse.
3. Learn to play guitar better.
4. Strive to be used by God daily.
5. Show in a ARHA show.
6. Learn to jump.
7. Save $1,000.

And those are just a few. So let 2011 begin!