Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer is a creeper...

Well, I am not sure if this got cleared up.. Apparently the guys are NOT, I repeat, NOT coming down for camping. Yes, I am slightly upset, I have Area 1 show, and my Grandma's 90th birthday the same weekend they want to have it at Jacobs grandparents (?). So Yeah, my bubble has been burst.

Sorry for the (Very) brief post yesterday. We (Jessica, Hannah, and I) have started a new, and improved blog. It is called amplify... Here is a sample of our awesomeness...
"What is AMPLIFY? Well, right now it's a group of on fire, spirit-filled, gospel gangster, Jesus freak, Bible-studying, ninja-kicking, praise-and-worshiping, intense-praying teenage girls. But who knows where it will go. We have no limits, we have no fear, and honestly, we have no plan. But God does, so we're letting Him in the drivers seat. We'll all just pile in the back with the windows down jamming to K-LOVE.

All we know, is that this is going to be Big, and Awesome. And a bunch of other adjectives. It's time to turn it up a little. It's time to AMPLIFY."
 Sooo, there you have it... so click HERE! to check it out!!! NOW!!!

So I am excited, tomorrow I am going with Katrina to the park to ride all day! Can you say a step closer to a tan?! (Okay, seriously kidding) I just can't wait to ride!!! yay!

On a side note, I am very impressed with my blogging abilities! I mean did you see that link?! "HERE" and all that :) Wow... just made my day. Well, like when working with horses, always end on a good note. So TTFN!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW... And go to ... Just go.

Because it's (almost) June!

Wow... Really sorry guys... (All like, no followers) Life has gone past hectic on the verge of pure insanity.

So... 4-H is officially in full swing. Been over at Katrinas like, all the time. Alex has been working on my mom's camper. The 'E' key on my laptop sticks, so I have to push it extra hard, or multiple times. And, well, that pretty much sums it up.

I have also, pretty much decided that I am going to go for a degree in Phycology. Get my GED or something in the fall, get the boring classes out of the way at the CRC. Then in the fall of 2011, start classes. Yes, I decided this all of 20 minutes ago, so nothing is set in stone.

I am currently on a mission... It's a hard one... Get a summer tan... Yeah, pathetic I know. BUT it's SUMMER! So my pale little legs don't match the rest of me! When I ride, obviously I am wearing jeans, whereas I am wearing a tank top or something... So Yeah, I am literally half Indian.

I would absolutely post all 180 something pictures I took this weekend, BUT our internet is basically permanently occupied, resulting in the connection being slow. I do believe this is one of the most boring posts ever. I shall end your misery now.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

All in moderation...

I feel like I should clarify something... Despite the pictures of me playing Cowgirl. I don't wear spurs, or use them on my horses. They would probably KILL me. But I got them at the HHF this year cause Katrina's horses are trained to spur stop and such, so it was a much needed investment.

Okay... Yesterday Auntie Jane asked me to feed stetson for her while she is in Israel. So before I head over to the dog meeting, I get to go over and deal with the boy. Ugh, I really don't like that horse. He's nice to ride, but on the ground... ugh, he flips out if you ask him to do anything such as lunging or anything. But as I pointed out, he's a dream to ride.

Ugh so this is wrapping up day two of my mysterious ailment. The headache lingers, even though I took Tylenol over two hours ago. I have a hint of a fever, and major body aches. Yippie. But I don't think I could ever feel bad enough to miss 4-H! haha

So off to get ready to go in 45 minutes. TTFN!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Oh, I guess it comes with this part of the year, but this rainy weather is annoying! It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so humid either... But enough complaining.

Due to the likelyhood of rain, I didn't haul Big Boy to the Parade. Of course the moment we got to Nashville, it was blue skies, and perfect. So. I was pretty ticked. Once again, enough complaining.

So after the Parade (Which was still fun!). Hannah and I wandered down to the fairgrounds, and went to the tractor show. Katrina was on a mission, apparently some big vets are trying to close down Dr. Brester. They say his methods are out of date and all that. But it really boils down to, everyone is going to him because he's cheaper. So she was walking around and having every sign a petition (I mean, she knows EVERYONE, so it wasn't a big deal).

That's it for now I guess :( Mom's not asking, she's telling me to go "Play" with the cat who can't control his bladder. Grrrrrrrr.