Wednesday, August 25, 2010

F... FA...FAL...FALL!

Well, it would appear that fall is here. For the most part. All I know is that the facts are pointing that way:

1. Uh… The leaves are starting to turn colors. Mainly brown…

2. It’s not so humid!

3. Allergies are kicking into high gear.

4. School has started (Well, this one isn’t saying much because the people who run the school system decided that kids don’t really need a summer break, so they start in like, the middle of summer. Grrr.)

I think this is enough evidence to prove my point… I am sitting out on the front porch, perfect temperature outside, lemonade in hand, laptop on well, lap. Life is good.

So for the past two days, Hannah has been digging out home movies. If you haven’t done this for awhile, I completely recommend it! Not only was I quite adorable, but also slightly (Very) whiny. Well, I did have good hair too… :D But it’s really fun to see how I’ve changed. And how some people haven’t! I learned that I was not minorly pigeon toed like I thought.. but that my whole right leg was turned in, and I had to have corrective shoes as a kid.

Well, I have been working my little hardest- well, no, that's not right.. Okay, I have been TRYING to exercise more.. Running and all that. Actually just yesterday, I decided to race the dog up and down the driveway. And if you don't take into account me cheating, I beat her three times ;) But man, have you even ran as fast as you possibly could? It's crazy! You should try it... I mean, putting every ounce of energy you have into running, is insane. Quite a rush. If you have issues with reasons why you should; just pretend some evil person who wants your scalp is chasing after you.. Or not.. :)
Did I mention it’s like 10 days, 12 hours until DISNEY WORLD????!!!!! Cause it is….

Yesterday I got my first manicure. Okay, let’s try this again… yesterday I got my first manicure, and it is already messed up at the tips. Yeah, I’m sorta upset about that… Oooh well… I guess I could say it's a really bad French Manicure. But I really don't think anyone who knows anything about anything will believe that one.

Well, I suppose I have covered enough awkward moments for today. So have a fun fall day.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cat, Cool kats, and the Beetles. Oh, and green beans.

 Well, there's a conversation starter! So anyway, Muffe, well, that's her school picture... (And you thought you had a bad one!) No, really, we're trying to find her a home, so Hannah had a photo session with her, and this one came up. Not too pretty right? But, (not surprisingly) we haven't found a worthy, loving family. So if you know of anyone who wants a slob of a fat cat... Let me know, I have connections.

So today, not only have I been cooking.. But it's tasted good too! Here is what we had to Linner (Lunch/dinner we're lazy like that) I mean, it was a whole cut up an onion job! Are you impressed? Cause I am totally. Not only that, but I made fried potatoes for breakfast. Can you tell we're trying to go through potatoes?

BUT, we were getting a tad bored watching green beans boil, so we put on some squeaky 50's music. By "Squeaky" I mean the whole sings-like-his-underwear-is-too-tight squeaky. It was pretty fun though because dad gave us a lesson on the "English invasion". Something about the Beetles and a bunch of other high dude bands that came over and completely remade rock and roll.

Well, a lot of things are going through my head at this point.. Between dad farting upstairs, and Hannah with her new technique for taking pictures; breathing on the lens. And you get this lovely, Jane of the Jungle effect..

Yesterday I had great fun downloading Francis Chan audio/video teachings on to itune's. It made me quite excited because that was my first video podcast on my ipod! I feel so.. so.. Un-homeschoolerish!

Well, that's all for now, hope you don't mind the randomness.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dunn dun dun DUUUNN  Oooh yeah... See that truckload of sawdust???!! I totally cowgirl'd up and undloaded that sucker! I will have to add, that it was raining too... Hence the tarpola

As I was walking the horses down the driveway, I noticed that the leaves are starting to turn! How crazy is that? It's August.. But what do I know..

Obviously something.. Because while I was editing pictures, this made me laugh :) It looks like it's from the 70's... Peace out dude.

Hannah (As in Hannahincolour) is at the library today at a writers workshop, she always comes home with fun stories from it, so I look forward to it! So while I am here slaving away, she's doing what she does best.. Being Hannah :)

I have started "Working out" again for the past few weeks. Mainly since I haven't been riding hardly at all, I was starting to feel a tad out of shape. So I totally think the sawdust bit counts as exercise!

This next week will be more of the same; getting ready for Disney!! 14 days, 16 hours :) All I know is, that there are going to be a heck of a lot of pictures to edit after that week..


Friday, August 20, 2010

Getting older is a curious thing... For one, you're completely out of control. Like, I have no idea what God has in store for me. I, for one, am totally alright with it. But other people look on me like i'm crazy. Well, too bad for them :) Lately I have really been thinking about college. Maybe work on getting my GED this winter/spring and then going/taking classes somewhere. I'm just itching for change. Something new. Like the Bluetree lyrics "Death to that past is gone, and here's to a new beginning..." that's where I am right now.

Looking at the handy dandy little timer mom added to the desktop, we have 15 days, 6 hours until we leave for Disney World! I sure hope it is the happiest place on earth! It's about time :)

Okay, does anyone else have a 'House' addiction??!! Now, I do have to say that I totally knew Hugh Laurie back in the 'Jeeves and Wooster' stage of his career. Not literally, but wow, what a change! If you have time, check out that series!

That's all for now folks!