Friday, March 11, 2011

Behold The Creativity Of The King

Have you ever wondered how much learning your brain can take? Ugh. I'm at that point. I am not exaggerating when I say that it feels like God's teaching me about a million things all at once. How to love people, being confident in Him, doing what you were made to do despite the people that discourage you, His joy, warfare etc.etc.. So my immediate human reaction is to just sit there dumbstruck and just say "I can't handle all of this". That's always what I did when I would get overwhelmed with math, just shut down. I would get so overwhelmed I couldn't process the information. But I (thankfully) have caught myself. Just be patient, and quiet. Yes, quiet. Sit in peace. Just listen. Read the Word. And talk to other Christians. Quite a few things that have swirled around in my head has been confirmed by a scripture in a FB status, a twitter update, a text. It's pretty incredible. But I'm still having trouble, I want to learn SO bad! It feels like I'm not moving fast enough. But yes, I know, all in due time. It's like God's giving me a taste of what's to come.. And man! I want some more! So in the mean time, I keep reading, praying, praising.. It's awesome :)

Also, I've been feeling like I should either start a Bible study, or join one. It's like, in a war, you don't get trained individually, you, as a group, learn together. You get exercise (spiritually in this case) as a group. You support each other, you listen, talk, learn from people. But I guess I will just wait until something is presented.

On a different note: Spring is almost here!!!

My guys :)

First thing they do when they go down to the field...

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