Friday, February 11, 2011

Never a dull moment.

Oh life has been... Interesting.

Last night I was over at Katrinas for the 4-H judging team meeting. So we were sitting there, and I noticed she had a scanner. Like a police scanner to where you can hear truckers... Or anyone who has a scanner! So every time it would beep, I'd stick my head next to it to hear what they were saying.. Well after awhile I hear " Possible chimney fire on N. Lick Creek Road. I thought to myself "There's only like 4 people on the north side of that road, I wonder who it is..." Then I hear a squawk, and  "Address: 6621" My face turned all red and I looked at everyone and said "that's my house!" So I texted mom "Hey, uh, what's up?" She was pretty surprised I knew about it before she actually told me. So anyway, we're all okay, they said it was a contained floo fire. Mom said it smelled like burnt rubber. So when the firemen came in, they thought it was actually a skunk! So being the little detective that she is, mom noticed that Phoebe (our German Shepherd) smelled like death warmed over. But it was the same smell as the fireplace! So here's our new theory. Phoebe messed with a skunk over by the muck pile, it sprayed it's lovely scent, then dad brought the wood up to the porch that night. So when the wood got warmed up in the fireplace, the skunk oil started to stink... And the whole house with it. So we still don't know if it was actually a fire or not. Oh well.

So after that crappy day, today mom and I went to Target to get food for this weekend (my brother is coming into town). And she surprised me by buying me a new camera for my birthday/trip to Florida! I am pretty much in love with the thing... Here's some pictures that I took with it while mom was in various stores :) (Note: Most of these were taken either from inside the car, or out a window.. Pretty dang good if you ask me!)

If I ever write a book on newspaper box thingy's, this would be the cover picture  :)

Taken from inside the car out the windshield. It's so clear!

No, I don't have some weird ladder fetish.. I was playing with the focus :)

Playing with the focus once again...

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