Monday, February 7, 2011


So I had a great accomplishment yesterday. I ran two miles solid. No stopping. I just ran. 20 minutes later... Yeah whatever, don't pick on me, it was my first solid run. But man, one mile seems like a piece of cake now! One downer I just realised, is that I wont finish my 5k training program before the actual race... But it IS a Nike training program, so they have me running 5 miles by the end of 10 weeks.. So I suppose I'll be okay. I just have to hope there wont be any major hills. But so far so good! I'm going to run one mile today, then go back to two miles tomorrow! Woot!

Mom, Hannah, and I have been planning our pink-ness for the Race for the Cure... We're thinking Pink war paint, pink shorts, pink nails, pink ribbons etc.. A whole heck of a lot of pink!

SO, I also discovered a new website.. Which personally, I am loving! So check it out!

Okay, I need to go do something productive.. Adios.

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